Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Started #23

And Finally...

I started #23 on my list: To document and archive my grandfather's (father's father) WWII POW items. Recently I've become extremely interested in the part he played in history. While he was alive I was too young to even ask about it or even realize the significance. Although there were only a couple stories that he ever told amongst the family. I guess that's what makes me so curious about it - the lack of knowledge and the plethora of historical artifacts. I have a shoe box full of letters from and to my grandmother and grandfather and other family members, drawings, a New Testament prayer book with a whole list of names and address - of whom I'm guessing were his friends in the POW camp - and a calendar he used to tic off the days that passed. I have done a little research into Stalag VIIA (which I have posted under the links) and might even try to track down some of the names in his book.

I made my first scan of items kept on a small chain. They include one of his dogtags, His POW Tag from Stalag VIIA and a small tool - a can opener, all of which were I'm sure necessities.

Good Evening

On my way out of work's door, if I look to the west I always see the same trees in Winter. There's something about the curve of their highest branches bare in the light of the sunset that always intrigue me. Tonight I was in for an even better surprise; a sliver of a crescent moon was added to the scene.

A Good View

So I finally thought of what I wanted to show you all for my first true post on my lunch break.
Its simply a beautiful day here - low humidity - not a cloud in the sky - cool and crisp - "sweater weather" as my folks call it.

I drove up to the top of Monte Sano to enjoy one of my favorite views for a few minutes and then played with stitching the photos into a panorama here at work (I know, shame on me!) to show you what it really looks like!

I've stood in the little parking lot quite a few times for thoughtful contemplation, or a picnic on the bench nearby with Paul, and have shared the view with all friends who come visit me. Just about everytime I have been there I've seen people drive up, pause for about a minute, sometimes not even bothering to roll down their windows and then drive on off. Everytime a little voice inside me says - "You need to run up to their car - pound on the hood - and scream 'Get out of your darn car! This isn't McDonalds!'" I haven't actually done it of course, But I sure do want to. This vista has to be soaked up without windows or a door frame in the way, needs to be touched with the eyes, sampled with sunlight, tasted like blue cotton candy sky.

My To Do List

Here's a bit of Background story for the To Do List below.
My friend Laura wanted to know why I couldn't publish a blog. And I told her I didn't want to stop and tell everyone what I was doing because it would take the time away from what I was doing.... so I told her what I was doing in a huge list (posted below) and then she said - well you could have posted it on your Blog - and everyone could know what you're doing. So Laura - this is for you my dear - and I can cross #17 off my list!

My list of Projects
(that are in various stages of completion)

1. Clean Apt! Take all my old crap to goodwill (got a lot done on Sat and made head way with this - but still far from completion!)
2.Do my NSS convention scrapbook (its huge and I have all the stuff - I just haven't touched it yet.)
3. Build an earthen oven in Paul's back yard (and cook in it!) See Handy Projects under "Inspirations" links
3. Help Paul finish his kitchen and two bathrooms - so far we've stripped all the walpaper and painted the kitchen, painted one of the bathrooms walls - still have to paint both and refinish all the cabinets in the kitchen and tile the back-splash for the sink and stove. (this is the main project right now)
4. Make home-made pasta ( I got my grandmothers pasta maker and an awesome book on pasta-making from my mom and Dad for Christmas)
5. Make bread in the earthen oven.
6. I have ideas for 3-4 drawings/sketches I need to draw for the Grotto Newsletter/myself. Sketch this one out – maybe even airbrush it?
7. Dolls for Bryce, Jillian and Daniel (have found some WAY cool fabrics for these and now need to start sketching them out!!) This will take a fair amount of time.....
8. Design Funky skirt or Quilt from my old - worn out - memory filled clothes that I cleaned out of my closet (that way I don't feel bad for tossing them in the trash/Goodwill) Use cargo pants pockets, mickey Shorts
9.Do a couple Travel Bugs/Hide a couple more geocaches
10. Finish reading "Alice Through the looking Glass" "Eldest" have started both…
11. Learn how to translate basic hieroglyphics - bought an awesome book on this at the Tut exhibit - made flash cards - but I need to study them and do the quizzes to really get somewhere!
12. (Throwing myself down on my bed dramaticlly and rolling around) I've got to get organized!!!
13. Join writers group in town to write short stories/poetry/etc.
14. Do my taxes. (bleugh!)
15. Start frogging (climbing) again/ Try kickboxing again /Hike!
16. Draw up the Sugar Tree Pit Map – submit to ACS.
17. Then - finally - Do Blog/Website and tell everyone about all my crazy ideas bouncing around in my head!! and Fun things I'm doing!!
18. Create a fun mellow CD for my friends – or another “Just Listen” and do a Christmas CD mix – way ahead of time for next Christmas – or even a DVD.. since I now have the capability to do that!
Solsbury Hill, Can’t Take it In, Friends (White Stripes)
19. Cover/personalize presents I bought for next Christmas. (I know - this is insanely early - but I was struck with inspiration - bought a whole bunch on Saturday - and can work on them throughout the year)
20. Design a couple stamps/Even a seal for “brina Bat” for Cards I make, Caches that I find, and CD covers I do
a. “Brina Bat Productions” b. Tiny Bat with Brina Bat inside c. A Brina Bat Seal
21. Try making Glass beads again
22. Plan trip out West to The Grand Canyon with my Mom, Paul and my Dad if he can come.
23. Scan and send photos of Nano’s Stalag VIIA (A WWII POW camp) memorabilia to websites.

Brina Bat!

So I need to post my logo so I can put it up on my brand new Blog... and here it is - Brina Bat!

I can cross off #17.

At the urging of my "bestest roomie" Laura - I finally got a Blog.
So this is my very first "TEST-POST"
Welcome All! Can't wait to see what flits by.