Thursday, March 24, 2011

Motion Picture

Motion Picture
Originally uploaded by Brina Bat (Sabrina Simon)

Everything moving, everything flowing, everything and everyone working together is what you hope for in a cave rescue. Because every effort, every thought, every action should be focused towards the greater goal - to help a fellow caver who is injured - hurt - in need. Caving comes both with great reward and risk. Sometimes even the most prepared and safe are caught off guard by accidental odds and in need of help. A true rescuer chooses to place knowledge before egos and knows their limits - pushing themselves only so hard as not to become a liability themselves.

This is one of my favorite photos because it feels just like the rescue - constant motion - constant effort - like you're right there - a motion picture - everything happening - surrounding the quiet calm of the patient - who is in perfect focus with the light of the Lumedyne being bounced from the ceiling - falling quietly from above.


So this is but one photo of over 200 that were taken during the Tumbling Rock Mock on February 26th, 2011. This mock was a joint effort by the HCRU and several other rescue squads in the area. We hope to do more like this - with even more rescue teams. For more photos see Realms' Tumbling Rock Mock Set

Collaborative efforts of photography by Nathan Williams (Realms) and Sabrina Simón (Brina Bat).

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

The Muppets: Bohemian Rhapsody

To Market To Market!

Er...Well off to the American Cancer Society's Casino Night this Saturday in Lakeland!
Here's all the finished goodies that were all packed up today and tucked neatly in the mail - 1/2 letterpress - 1/2 sewn...

The reversible Owl bag... outside...

And the inside... or... is it out side and inside? hmm...

The super fun pencil roll-up...
Easy as 1...



The Amy Butler Fabric purse with matching key ring!

Detail of the funky flower on the front

And my favorite - the little blue and cream horse wondering how it can snack on its apple treat..

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Friday, March 04, 2011

Shoed a Blue Horse Today!

So I'm putting together a nifty package to be auctioned at the American Cancer Society Casino Night in Lakeland, FL next Friday. I'll have hand made goodies and a nice stash full of letterpress cards and such which should be a nice variety i think. They'll be a big Amy Butler fabric bag, an owl tote, a colored pencil roll-up case and then a plush toy horse - which I made today! He's blue and cream and as cute as his little button eyes! I took a series of pictures planning out the pattern and cutting and sewing and stuffing - seeing as how I'd never made a toy horse before. All the parts and pieces were planned out in my head, just had to take some time to plan and figure out how to get him just the way i pictured him. Am hoping he will make a child very happy!

Here's my paper pattern that I cut two of, ears, shoes are sewn on, button eyes and tail. The mane is beneath the rotary cutter. and started with fabric and a sheet of paper to draw the pattern.

Ears, shoes, mane and tail stitched to one side so they wont slip when the two main sides are sewn...

Sewn, but flat...

Stuffed and hand stitching the belly...

Sewing on the button eyes...

All done!

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