Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Started #23

And Finally...

I started #23 on my list: To document and archive my grandfather's (father's father) WWII POW items. Recently I've become extremely interested in the part he played in history. While he was alive I was too young to even ask about it or even realize the significance. Although there were only a couple stories that he ever told amongst the family. I guess that's what makes me so curious about it - the lack of knowledge and the plethora of historical artifacts. I have a shoe box full of letters from and to my grandmother and grandfather and other family members, drawings, a New Testament prayer book with a whole list of names and address - of whom I'm guessing were his friends in the POW camp - and a calendar he used to tic off the days that passed. I have done a little research into Stalag VIIA (which I have posted under the links) and might even try to track down some of the names in his book.

I made my first scan of items kept on a small chain. They include one of his dogtags, His POW Tag from Stalag VIIA and a small tool - a can opener, all of which were I'm sure necessities.


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