Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Voting Day

Everyone has an opinion. Blogs, and social networking sights like MySpace and Facebook just accentuate them - giving anyone a step up onto their very own soapbox. My good friend Gary once told me that he never talks about politics or religion because that's the easiest way to lose a friend. I think it was sound advice when he gave it to me. Tolerance varies from person to person. And its disheartening to see friends butt-heads over differences of opinion that are as unique and interesting as the people themselves. Opinions should be heard in full and celebrated. Barring scientific and mathematical facts that aren't questionable - As long as there is thought out reasoning behind the opinion - devoid of hate - I don't believe anyone is wrong.

As a conscious decision - I decided not to vote today. I have voted in the past. Several people have already reminded me that by not voting -I do not have a right to complain about who is in office - I can live with that - and I never have. My own personal opinions do not fit neatly into any political party - nor do I believe my opinions are whats best for the country as a whole. If anyone truly put the best interests of the people first - not just our country but the everyone - the people of the world as a whole - and was not swayed by the pockets and influences of those who support them they'd get my vote. Perhaps there are politicians who really are in it for the good of the whole - not just for the power - but I've been looking - and bigotry is all that I see advertised - not only in the candidates themselves but the people with the loudest voices and biggest signs.

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