Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Go to Flickr!

Hello hello - long time, no post. I've been pressed for time what with the paid letterpress jobs I've gotten and the massive amounts of after-work caving I've been doing. But I've got lots of pretty photos over on my flickr site. Go check them out: TAKE ME TO THE PHOTOS!

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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Maple Hill

So this morning Paul and I headed to Maple Hill Cemetery (I learned something - its the largest and continually used cemetery in the south apparently) to pick up two geocaches and let me play with some photography (especially the infrared filter option and some black and whites). Its a bit of an odd thing to say - but its a beautiful cemetery. The dogwoods are in bloom and you can wander in and around the marble stones and grand trees and lichen covered monuments for hours. And we did just that.


Thursday, April 02, 2009

Pentax Play

I decided to shoot Preston (my 1924 Chandler and Price Letterpress) Tuesday night in the garage with Nathan's SIT method. A bunch of trial and error with f-stops and speed and such ensued and a bit of frustrated consultation with the manual for a certain setting until I finally got it just right. And then I was tempted to make a 1am run to Wal-Mart for some cool-toned compact florescent bulbs (instead of the warmer-toned ones I had)...but I didn't think Paul would really want me making a late night run to the store for bulbs and all. So I used a flash unit in combination with the fluorescent. And then stole my fluorescent lamp off of my desk as a last resort. As it was my head didn't hit the pillow till 3am anyway. I was WAY too excited and had to post the photos to Flickr.

And then this afternoon I played around with some daytime photography and a setting or two.

The tulips in the front yard are up and showing off their colors

Some of the settings on the Pentax are way crazy as I found out - crazy - but kinda cool!

The cheapest model there is - paid in treats!

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