Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Creative "Brain Dump" Inspirations

So there are some things that I come accross that inspire me so much I have to take note of them - beit music - or a design - or art - or movie - or a picture or even an online article. I usually collect them in a list of sorts - or tear out the page from the magazine - or just remember them but its rare that I share the inspirations with others - especially in a "brain dump" kinda of way... but today is different. So here goes nuthin!...

1. Vacu Vin's Party People Glass Markers. A creative crafty clever product. (and much more fun than just a simple old wine charm - and i dont even drink!) I ran accross these little guys on the shelf at TJ Max and was like.. wow! Hopefully going to put these to good use during my next get together. They also have some for football season, Christmas and Halloween!

3. Home by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros An incredible, happy-go-lucky song with an awesome message and sound like something from the hippie past. You'll listen over and over!

2. Preserve Toothbrush Subscription An environment saving - cavity fighting combo pack! So the Preserve company makes the coolest best designed stuff I've seen out of #5 plastic (typically yogurt cups and other food-safe plastic items) But this... is pretty darn brilliant. 4 toothbrushes - mailed to you every 3 months - just what the dentist recommends AND once used - you can recycle it yet again by sending it back - postage paid!

4. The Spirit - Modern film noir with plenty of action and enough cheesyness to make you chuckle combined with scenes so artistic they will make your jaw drop. This neat little jaunt into a comic-booked world comes complete with handsome hero in a mask, black overcoat, hat, and a signature red tie. And for you boys - plenty of hot dames.


5. This photo "Eos" by Dennis Calvert's A feast for the eyes - some beautiful light painting indeed! ... super dreamy!!

6. Sewing Green - A nifty crafty book by Betz White with some brilliant idea on how to repurpose and recycle items you might have or can find at your local Goodwill and sew-a-new. I am currently working on the awesome leaf scarf on the front of the book - and with a bit more juice drinking... I'll have a Capri sun Pouch car shade for the FJ!

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