Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Play this!

Enough is enough - right folks? I need to catch up to my poor neglected blog here. How about some niflty letterpress updates....

So one of the items that I'm working on for Triple S Letterpress is playing card coasters and gift tags. The tags will be sold separately and there will also be one attached to the letterpress coasters. Tonight I decided to make a batch. Little did the deck of cards know what they'd turn out to be! And these will be available on my Etsy page when I take all the pretty photos of everything and write my little descriptions and such.

The cards with the sticky-backed craft label paper.

Sticking them down, and then putting the peal-off backing back on.

Trimming them down so they will all line up when I put them on the press.

Here you can see the card held by the gauge clips and the circular die cut in the letterpress chase

After the impression

The die cut neatly slices through the playing card and backing

The finished product! All hole-punched, stamped with "to" and "from," and ribboned!

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