Monday, March 01, 2010

Kat's Good Mail Day

Kat is a good friend from college that I still keep up with. Both of us appreciate artsy mail. We kinda send each other fun postcards and letters rather randomly. And everytime something arrives from her (and others friends too of course... I'm a sucker for real mail.. letters and such) its a "Good Mail Day" for me! I've been collecting fun random items for a while now to send her something extra-special for totally no reason at all. The light streaming through the kitchen window last Friday afternoon was screaming at me to take some photos to document Kat's artsy binder, so I did. Then I carefully boxed it up, wrapping it in brown paper and sending it on its way across the united states. I dropped it in the mail on hopefully any day now she'll have a "good mail day!"

I started with a short three ring binder which I re-covered in vintage old maps. The pretty satin and grosgrain ribbons are recycled from presents and packages of old.

This is a Florida orange bag that I'd stashed for future use. I stuffed it with the random goodies and tied it up with a recycled ribbon.

The random goodies: Cardboard "KAT", a little Memo pad, some fun fruity paper from a cool recycled paper bag, one of my letterpress bookmarks, some carboard postcards & some funky gauzy ribbons in brown and fluorescent yellow.

This is part of a neato bag a friend gave me 2 years ago. I kept it because I liked the interesting cartoons and writing on it. I added a little cardboard heart business card that I'd letterpressed. Inside the bag is an oversized postcard with black and white flower stickers.

There are two other "pages" with various goodies - stationary, writing, some cool old silly stickers that I thought were fun and another decorated blank postcard.

The last "page" is a little stash of goodies I brought back from the Yucatan last summer. A hand embroidered bag from Yaxuna and two woven bracelets from Merida.

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At 10:28 AM, Blogger Brina Bat said...

She got it!!


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