Thursday, February 04, 2010

Tree Rise

Tree Rise
Originally uploaded by Brina Bat (Sabrina Simon)

So I've recently been going to Yoga classes. And out of all the various poses I'm adjusting to I think the tree pose is one of the most graceful especially when you're really in tune with the balance aspect of it. The other evening I took a trip to Tumbling Rock to take some photos and cave a bit. The night before I thought it'd be cool to try a yoga pose. So Danielle humored me with practicing her yoga tree pose while Nathan humored me with a couple strobes so I could take some shots. Am happy with the results - Danielle's silhouette in her tree pose is very graceful and calm. I like how the lights and darks play between the smooth shape of Danielle and the rough formations to the smooth - almost concrete-like ceiling and packed mud floor.

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