Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Noccalula Falls & Anniston Museum of Natural History

So this past Friday Paul Michelle and I took a little road trip down to Anniston. On the way down, in Gadsden, we saw a little sign for Noccalula Falls. Michelle said it was pretty nice and Paul and I had never seen it before. We were in no hurry so we made a little side trip and man I'm so glad we did! We were greeted with a gorgeous 100ft waterfall just roaring away! The top photo's my fav - and I posted it to my flickr - the one below gives you a sense of scale...with Michelle and Paul...waaay tiny on the other side. I can't wait to go back and hike down to the bottom of the falls!

Noccalula Falls is named after an Indian Maiden that threw herself from the falls rather than marry someone she did not love. You can read about her story here or on the placard photo below.

All three of us were super pleasantly surprised at the Anniston Museum of Natural History. They not only have a pretty groovy 1960's-ish modern style logo that I really like (see below) but they have an amazing collection of goodies on display - minerals, fossils, all sorts of Alabama flora and fauna, birds, animals of Africa that are just amazingly cool and HUGE - they even have a cave exhibit!! All three of us at some point in time asked the others..um.. how big is this place? Cause it kept going...finally ending with two Egyptian mummies.

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