Friday, January 15, 2010

My lists have lists!

Its funny I've wanted to blog all day long... and I had 20 different ideas of what I was going to write about...but my time ran short and the pretty light that I had this afternoon to take photos in disappeared too fast while I did the things I had to do - instead of the things that would have been more fun to do. So I'll save my idea for a later post. And now I'm staring at my desk ... looking at all the lists and sticky notes I've got stuck on the lists and papers. I'm a big list person. If I can get it out of my head and on paper I feel better and more organized about what I have to do. But when my lists have their own lists... I have to work through everything yet again... cross off what I've done, figure out what I need to do first and then reorder and rewrite my lists. I need to do that pretty soon because my lists are overrunning my desk right now...and the to-do's in my head are all fershcmekled (aka mixed up).

So for now I'll leave you with the beginning... the lists I've got going right now:
1. Letterpress Projects
2. Photography To-Do's
3. Design Projects
4. Events to look up and to write on the new 2010 calendar
5. Two lists of people to contact for a two different caving-related projects
6. My New Years Resolutions
7. Programs scheduled and folks to contact for a program for the grotto
8. Business stuff I need to do for Triple S Letterpress
9. several lists of random items I want/need to do - all in various stages of completion...(some of which include things like - order volume II of a type book...clean out some boxes of stuff...get the back issues of the grotto newsletter out... make macarons....write letters to a couple folks...

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At 1:35 AM, Anonymous A.J. said...

Top of my "list" right now is get a day off that I can get on a caving Glad to see the newsletter is at least on a to do list still and not lost in the mud.


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