Monday, March 09, 2009

The Rotunda

Scenic drive, tents, sleeping bags, Fall Creek Falls State Park, campfire talk, "Craft night," restless sleep with cave dreams, coffee, cheese and pickle breakfast, drive, hike, riverbed, thermocline cave cool, silly Polaroid picture, friends, Camps Gulf entrance, tripod balance, pelican case clunking, breakdown climbing, gear passing, mud sliding, slipping, water, heaving, sweating, laughing, clambering, descending, Rotunda echo, water break, organizing, gear check, planning, pointing, directing, breakdown climb, umbrella twirl, duct tape, battery, careful with the compact fluorescent, double - triple check, walkie talkie, nervous, excited, lights out, 3....2....1.... And then there was light in the very darkest of places.

p.s. - Definitely click on the photo to see it larger!... its simply phenomenal... oh and I'm the tiny yellow- shirter on the left... it was a great trip and I had a blast helping with this shoot on Saturday!

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