Tuesday, February 17, 2009

More on Trains (from Christmas still)

I still have a backlog of great things Paul and I did over Christmas. And since we just went to a train show this past weekend I thought I'd continue along the same lines. Plant City, FL has a model train club with some really impressive layouts, and I really need to stress - impressive! For one thing they have 3 rooms - one that shares a train museum and two large scale layouts of G and O, one that holds a modular N scale (so that club members can build a four foot section and add it anywhere - the tracks are all in the same place), and the last rooms holds an up-to-date digitrax HO model that's fantastic! (Here's a good link if you want to learn more about model RR scales.) We ended up visiting it twice so Paul could talk with the guys in the club some more, and I could take more photos....

One of the RR Modelers showing me the G-Scale (Garden scale) layout with various RR museum paraphernalia hanging on the wall behind him

Part of the N-scale layout

An N-scale detail

My Dad and Mom in front of the HO trestle

My Dad taking a closer look at the Plant City model circa early 1900's -HO-scale

An orange grove
The orange grove is one of my favorite details in the HO-scale model! We're planning on having a small grove and a citrus packing plant in our model.

Paul and Mom talk with one of the club members that helped build this HO model

Here's a view of the entire length of the model. The hills with the fall foliage are in the middle of the model - Mom and Paul are actually behind them.

Another set of nice details

Paul talking with one of the fellows about the digitrax control panel.

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At 3:25 PM, Blogger Laura said...

Okay, I just caught up on the last two months of your life. I will refrain from commenting on every post :) I am happy to be caught up though! Okay, so on THIS post, I need to comment that your photos are SO cool - I just love miniature stuff!!! And what's up with the picture with your mom and Paul. . .is he standing on something, or is it just really weird perspective? I KNOW your mom is oh-so-tiny, but she looks like a toddler next to paul in that photo!!! :)

At 5:24 PM, Anonymous Paul said...

I'm really that big of a guy. Actually, I'm standing on a stool that is about a foot high. So I could get a better perspective of the layout. Didn't know this as a kid, but they are supposed to be closer to eye-level so you see things more from the side as in real life.


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