Friday, October 10, 2008


So right about now the SCCi booth at TAG should be all a twitter with the latest new cave acquisition. And this particular one is especially important for me - seeing as how I survey in this cave once a month (2 years - 30 trips to date) with a awesome group of cavers (Steve, Jennifer, Jimmy, Brent, Steve C. to name a few) dedicated to conservation & seeing the resurvey through. The SCCi has finally been able to convince the land owners to not just lease - but purchase the Fern Sink entrance of Fern Cave - home of Surprise pit - the the deepest pit in Alabama at 437'. I was lucky enough to learn about the property buy early because of my survey involvement and subsequently lent the SCCi my graphic design skills, designing an 18x25 advertisement poster and the new (and very differently styled) shirts. I'm pretty thrilled that I got to play a small part in helping. And I know I'll have a really geeky graphic designer "look that's my shirt your're wearing!" smile on my face the whole weekend.

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