Thursday, September 11, 2008

Second Breath

So here's another catch-up post to keep you up to date with more photos this time.

Paul brought home some simple wonderful Gerber Daisies just before his birthday weekend. Some were red and then some were this yellow tinged orange. They were such an amazing color combination I had to document them. Pretty flowers are just way too easy to snap photos of because no matter how you do it - they always end up pretty. Its almost feels like I'm cheating!

And here are a few more pics from the beach too - which also kind of feel like cheating... sand...sunsets... ocean stretching out for miles...way too easy...

We were able to visit twice with my cousin Amy which was great fun both times.

The second time we went out to eat at The Frog Pond. And then after she left another set of cousins (on my Dad's side) coincidentally happened to walk in - so we got to visit with them too.

My Dad and I joined the crowd at the Webster flea market on Labor Day. They are only open on Mondays, so Labor Day and MLK Day are usually really good times to go.

My Dad and I's "Happy Plates" from our breakfast and the local eating establishment.

A view of the covered stalls at Webster.

A possible "impulse buy."

On September 5th we went to IKEA - the mecca of well-designed well-priced furniture and household items. I love the fact that you could literally buy an empty house - walk into IKEA and furnish the whole house - we're talking kitchen cabinets, bathroom fixtures, refrigerators, ovens, flooring, bathroom fixtures, closets, lighting, down to cabinet hardware, silverware, toothbrush holders, rugs, couches, tables, chairs, desks, pots and pans, cups, curtains and textiles. The only thing they don't sell are electronics like TVs and DVD players. So say if you hit up an IKEA and a Best Buy or something - you'd be good to go. We literally spent an entire day ogling at all the awesome furniture and commenting on designs and such - from 10:30 to 4:30. We even ate there! They have a great little lunch counter with the most gorgeous desserts and excellent Swedish meetballs (yum!). I bought a pretty red cabinet to store my letterpress paper stash in and a large-drawered roll-around cabinet for art supplies and paper.

The pretty red cabinet.

Some of the gorgeous desserts (I don't even like chocolate and I think they are pretty!!)

And then the kitchen island I kept drooling over - the back of which is undercut with room for two stools - really really sharp.

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At 8:20 PM, Blogger Anne said...

One of my most recent posts (that's right, there are two now!!) is all about a trip I took to Ikea last month. Fun times.

And it was so fun to run into you at Books-a-Million! What are the odds? I do need to work on a letter for you though. That's my plan. :)

At 7:24 AM, Anonymous The Lonely Hubby said...

Those were the beach and sunsets I was supposed to be able to see. But my lovely wife returns today. Yippeeeee.

At 11:36 AM, Blogger Anne said...

You know, it's funny, there was one kitchen in Ikea that I absolutely fell in love with, too. I should have taken a picture--it was the one with all the glass-front cabinets, a giant, white enamel double sink and tile backsplash (yellow? can't remember) all the way around. Sigh. I should have taken a picture, but it didn't even cross my mind at the time. The red cabinet you bought is beautiful.

And I'm so glad I'm not the only "noisy" reader out there. :) I'll certainly check out "Fool Moon"--I don't need more books, but that's never stopped me before. :) Btw, I'm in complete agreement with you about the library--the rolling ladder to reach the top shelves is an absolute must!

Yep, I know about the Twilight fact, it's coming out earlier than originally planned b/c Harry Potter was pushed back(stupid people wanting to make more money). It'll be very interesting to see how they condensed the book.

So have you seen anyone else lately making a "vintage statement?" :) Love it!

At 4:07 PM, Blogger Karisse said...

I'm glad you're back! I've missed you! :) Love your photography! Gerber Daisy's are some of my favorites. I love the watercolor that you did too. You did such a good job! (Not that I'm surprised.) :)


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