Monday, September 22, 2008

Scott Hollow Cave

Several months ago I got to make an awesome trip to Scott Hollow Cave. Nathan, Tommy, Michelle and I drove up from Huntsville to meet Vic and Eric who came down from Ohio. The owner of Scott Hollow, Mike, let us camp out, and we visited with him on Sunday before we all drove home. FYI - Scott Hollow an amazing cave - Vic was a great guide - Nathan got some great photography - I got some fun short video clips. My "Wow" factor was way up there with my Rumbling Falls trip - and we barely scratched the surface of it. We're already planning on going back at a later date - and Mike said he definitely wants to join us so we can hit the highlights for Nathan to photograph.

Our first stop driving up was at Big Walker Lookout (elev. 3,405) off I-77 - where we went up at least 100 more feet on this (I'd rather be on rope) fire tower so we could look out EVEN higher.

(check out Tommy's face... so funny)

Ahh... but the view was incredible!

The view was just as impressive that evening. Around the campfire we stared at the Milky Way and were privvy to half a dozen shooting stars and in the morning just as the rain started we climbed down a drain pipe in the fanciful underworld that is Scott Hollow Cave.

Quiet Light - Tommy reviewing the map, Michelle illuminating Nathan showing Vic how to set up the flash.

Michelle waiting to descend.

Down we go!

Vic and Tommy (displaying his red and blue Jolly Ranchers)


Setting up for the waterfall shot of Vic.

Nathan catches a Raman Noodle break during lunch.

Aragonite crystals.

One of the cool things about really pure white formations is that they phosphores when exposed to bright light. So they'll glow for a few seconds. Here's a video of a formation doing just that:

Nathan took some great shots of other formations in/near the same room - you can check them out on his Flickr site.

Vic crossing the land bridge - personally I was hugging the rock when I crossed it.

Camping leftovers - cleaning up from the late night (or early morning actually) on Sunday.

Vic, Me, Tommy, Michelle, Eric and Nathan right before we headed home. Thank you Vic and Eric for coming down and caving with us. Awesome trip guys! Beautiful Cave. Can't wait to go back.

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