Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Coming up for Air

Hello folks! Long time no post, eh? 26 days by my count. 26 days without checking email (I know I'm going to pay for that one!)- or seeing hide nor hair of anyone's blogs. Boy do I feel behind on the times. Lets play a little catch up in one gigantic run on sentence:

I had my last day of work, packed up all my office junk that afternoon, had a good birthday weekend for Paul (a little Huntsville Hamfest, some presents, some fun sitting on the floor for dinner at Edo, etc), then I jumped in my car and drove through TS Fay, picked up my Mom, and we spent a week and a half doing pretty much nothing (except for watching copious amounts of Torchwood [I'm SO hooked & John Barrowman is so utterly droolable] & Dr. Who) at Madiera Beach - although I did find the freckles on my nose again with a bit of help from the sun, then we went to Lakeland, wherein I proceeded to clean out all of the accumulated "crapola" I have in my room back home (had a few interesting finds) and proceeded to visit with various family members and friends and go to cool fav's like Webster and IKEA and many artsy fun places with my folks and I even had time to make a bit of my own art - the watercolor island above - I've done 3 so far and plan on doing some larger continents when I get home.... which brings me up to today where I kissed my mom and dad bye this afternoon and headed up to St. Augustine where I picked up a transcript of all my grades/classes etc. so I can take more college courses in Huntsville and while I was there I also took some photos of Flagler's entrance so I can do the Ancient City Kids Day t-shirt design for the 8th year in a row, then I drove on up to Laura and Eric and Bryce's house (where I am this instant - thank you Eric for "Airport Hookup" - I LOVE Macs!) to visit with them and AM, Jillian and Ava before I finally end my grand tour at the end of this week so I can see my wonderful hubby again so I can remind him that he is still marrie and then go surveying this Sat at Fern.

My office on the last day of work before I packed it all up.

Paul the morning of the 16th opening all his fun goodies.

One of the many beautiful sunsets I enjoyed at the beach.

Mom and I on our condo balcony.

More pics soon (and I still owe all of you a trip to Scott Hollow)

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