Wednesday, June 18, 2008

SSCi Annual Meeting & Icky Bugs

I'll never get tired of scenes like this.

This past Saturday I sat in on the 1pm SCCi board meeting at Tumbling Rock Cave Preserve. I've volunteered to help Jennifer on a pretty big undertaking - helping her redesign/improve on the SCCi website. She's got Dreamweaver down, and I'm going to do the graphics. Its going to take a while, but I think we'll do a nice job. We had hot dogs and burgers after the general meeting at 5:30.

Tommy, Jimmy and Nathan grilling it up.

Paul kicking back.

Dave and Brian, the SCCi chairman.

Folks chatting it up after the meeting.

Tommy, Jimmy and I ran into TR to help Nathan with some photos around 8pm. We made it to the Kings Shower in 30 minutes, and on toward the Inner Sanctum for some photos. The trip out was a bit slower, with TR spitting us back out around 12:30 am. Good times.

Sometime after the trip - I'm guessing while I was changing early Sunday morning in the changing room/old wooden garage - I got bit by some icky bugs - I'd place a bet on some sort of spider or something other than a mosquito - 5 times to be exact. I didn't realize I had the bites till Sunday evening when they really started itching - and when I went to work on Monday I swear I felt like I was getting a flu bug. Then my left leg started aching and I realized my lymph nodes were all swollen. (ow.) So I went to a little walk in clinic yesterday. They did blood work (woohoo!), gave me a steroid shot (yipee!), and two prescriptions (may cause dizziness); one of which actually says on the handy-dandy Target Info sheet attached to the bottle "Common Uses: Treating bacterial infections. It may also be used to prevent or slow anthrax after exposure." No Joke. Uh... Anthrax? Holy crap - how strong is this stuff?! I went to work for a few hours yesterday but I was falling asleep at my desk - so my boss let me to go home. Still felt puny this morning, so I stayed home and slept 1/2 the day away. I hate being sick.

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