Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Adventures of the Rob of Ohio

My good friend Rob came to visit Paul and I for a leisurely weekend.

We went to an awesome art show on Friday night at the Lowe Mill on June 20th. I bought one of Corry's great infrared pieces which now proudly hangs on our black and white wall.

Corry and some of his phenomenal infrared photography. The piece I bought is the on on the bottom.

Saturday Paul, Rob Geoffery and I played a second round of frisbee disc golf at UAH (they'd played one round already while I was learning some basic epee fencing) Geoffery won and Paul and Rob tied for second.

You can see the coveted "Sty-ro-foam Playoff Cup" Geoffery took home as a prize and I'm sure it is now displayed above his fireplace.

Sunday we had lunch at Joe's pizza and then Paul took Rob and on a small tour of the NASA part of the arsenal.

Rob's trying to open a pair of small doors. This is actually where they stored some of the parts from the ISS.

Some of the older historical rockets on display on the arsenal:

The Saturn 1.

Hi Paul!

The main space shuttle engine.

A nice little detail shot.

Paul and Rob checking out the engines.

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