Friday, June 06, 2008

Spring Fling II (catch up)

Many weekends ago (April 4th-5th) we held a joint Dayton Underground Grotto/Huntsville Grotto campout - "Spring Fling II" at SCCi's newest acquisition - Tumbling Rock. Paul, Michelle and I drove over Friday afternoon, staked out the tent and tried to not get any soggier than we already were.

Here Michelle's playing in the swimming hole/fire pit.

Tommy, Michelle, Mark and I took a small group of DUG folks back to the King's Shower/Topless Dome Friday evening. I think they liked Tumbling Rock very much and were impressed with the size of the rooms and the formations.

Saturday Morning...

Roger's new headlamp.
Saturday for me consisted of a short trip back into TR with Nathan and Derek - resulting in these great photos of the "Saltpetre Works," "Dynamic Mysteries of Light" and "Beyond Sugarloaf Mountain" using various combinations of Nathan's SIT lights.

Derek, Michelle, Nathan and Jay

Saturday evening we grilled and visited long into the night around the campfire. The DUG crew fixed these awesome candy buckeyes to share with all of the Huntsville folks. A good time was had by all.

Tony, Tommy and Charlie grilling up the hotdogs and burgers for dinner.

And what's dinner without Avis' cookies!! Charley jumped at the chance to help with them...

Jennifer (who picked up another lost kitty when she drove home that night), Torode and Avis

Sunday Morning...
Paul in the "bathroom," brushing his teeth.

Toni and Nathan on the new couch Derek graciously donated to the SCCi for the house.

Tony and Paul closing the weekend by putting out the fire.

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