Monday, February 18, 2008

Dude, LOST the therory

WARNING: LOST Spoiler Alert!

Well guys - thanks for welcoming me to the island - I'm all caught up now and prepared to watch a new episode Thursday evening. I figure one hour of TV a week won't kill me - seeing as how I'm eating my words from a previous post right now - I still think TV & News are a waste - but LOST is seriously THAT good. And yes I will probably check out the LOST action figures (thanks Christin!).

Now I'm getting Paul caught up and we're watching one a night - we're at the point where Jack finished the surgery on Ben and Kate phoned Jack and told him the story on the radio the 5 second story... and he made her promise never to come back.... sniff... that part is so good. Desmund told Charlie that it was him that he'd been saving... Anyway hopefully I can fill him or have him read the synopsis of the missing ones before Thursday's show.

Ok I'm probably so off base I'm off the island completely - but I have to theorize about "what the h-e double hockey sticks" is going. I've come to the conclusion that the whole island actually exists in that past - at least 108 minutes behind the rest of the world (if not some number of YEARS!) Stay with me here - The button in the hatch was the release whatever pent up end-of-the-world vibes the whole worm-hole-living-in-the-past-thing creates. That's how the "rescuers" were able to say that flight 815 had been found and all aboard were confirmed dead. Because reality split in half - one reality for the island, one for the rest of the world. That explains why the women who get pregnant on the island die - because you can't give birth to a child in the past. And that also explains Locke's miracle - he can walk because he went back in time BEFORE he was paralyzed. And also Rose - she doesn't have her cancer because the island is on a time before she had her cancer. But something really wacky happened when the hatch blew up - because now the island and the rest of the world won't "reset properly."

A bit of Proof you ask?

1. When Sayid and Hurley were on the beach and they pick up that old song with the radio - I want to say its the Glenn Miller orchestra... Hurley asks him where its coming from and Sayid explains that the radio waves could be bouncing from anywhere - and then Hurley says something like "or WHEN are they from?"

2. And did anyone notice the really low iteration number from Naomi's radio (of Rouseau's distress call) just before they walked into the radio tower building - and then when you heard the iteration number inside actually playing it was a totally different number - like WAY higher? I need to go back and watch that one again!

3. The physicist rescuer (Doogie Houserslook-alike brother dude) had the boat launch a payload and they counted down and said that it had arrived - only to arrive way late (108 minutes?) with a digital clock that wasn't on the same time! Ok. Um. That's a bit odd.

The flash forwards for Jack, Hurley, Sayid, and Kate - all point toward the fact that they went BACK in time - back before Jack's father died, maybe before Kate blew up her Dad? - Hurley is driving the RESTORED car - so that means something is way different - and Hurley is now imagining Charlie instead of that other imaginary bald dude that wanted him to eat more - Jack is pleading with Kate because he wants things to happen the way they did already so they can back to the island eventually - meaning that she'd have to kill her father - and Kate doesn't want to - she's made the decision to re-do her life (kind of like what Desmund tried to do when he relived part of his life in the episode where you get the explanation of what happened to him when he turned the fail-safe key) But as Desmund understands - life has a way of course correcting itself...according to the white haired lady that sold him the engagement ring for Penny. Just like he knew one way or another Charlie was going to die no matter how many times he tries to fix it. (Random thought of Charlie being the person who actually programs the Looking Glass Key pad with Good Vibrations by the way - because he gets asked in the past - while he's still alive) So I think - unless Jack drinks himself to death/throws himself off a bridge - somehow - they will eventually make the same choices. Hurley will play the numbers and win the lottery... and so on - and they'll get to go back to the island - but...

I think that maybe they get transported to even farther back on the islands history - I have a real sneaking suspicion that the two people that the two skeletons they found in like episode 4 /5- remember the reference to Adam and Eve? - ARE Jack and Kate - and that's where the "natives" originate from - so its like this crazy circular history thing.

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At 7:09 AM, Blogger Laura said...

very interesting Lost-girl, but i have a few comments for you. . .first, that is soo NOT doogie houser. Doogie Houser is on How I Met Your Mother, (something that you who doesnt watch television would not know :) and second. . .here's the only problem with your "back in time" theory . . .if in the general public, the "Oceanic 6" is referred to as such, then everyone must know that there was a plane crash and somehow these 6 people were recovered . . .so how could it be back in time? hmmmmmm.
deep LOST thoughts. sorry for suckering you into a new obsession! (bwahahahahahahha!) XOXO

At 9:02 AM, Blogger Brina Bat said...

Ok so Doodie Houser look alike then - maybe his brother?

Yeah I haven't quite figured out where the whole "Ocianic 6" fame comes in - but that's why its a theory....The way I've been explaining it in my head has been - a nother plane crashes - and the 6 trade places with another 6 that land on the island. Or maybe the sunk plane is a huge cover up - remember how the helocopter pilot kept saying that the pilot was the wrong man - because he wasn't wearing his wedding ring?

At 9:06 AM, Blogger Brina Bat said...

I think one of the Ocianic 6 will be Locke - because he's the one who put his father in the magic "box" that Ben claimed he had - so his father could appear on the island so Sawyer could off him. The "Box" is how you actually get off the island. The sub was just a rouse, an illusion of being able to leave.

At 2:49 PM, Blogger Anne said...

My question is, are they counting Ben as one of the 6? Because, clearly, he makes it off the island...tho of course he wasn't on the Oceanic flight to begin with. Hmmmm.

As for your other theories, they're no more out there than anything else the rest of us have thought up. But you have the advantage of having watched three years worth all at once, so I'm straining my brain to even recall some of the references at this point. :) And I still want to know who the "him" is that Kate has to get home to when she meets Jack that night!

At 3:39 PM, Blogger Brina Bat said...

Mmm...good question. I wasn't - but the previews make it sound like there's only one more that gets off - so you must be right - Ben must be one of the 6 -even though I think I'll place my bet on Locke - because I still think he's the one who brings his father to the island. Either that or maybe Sun - because she'll be dead in a couple months if she doesn't get off the island.

I'm guessing Kate's "him" is either the cop she married - and stayed married to or maybe even her step father/father that she hasn't blown up yet. I don't think Sawyer gets off the island.

At 5:16 PM, Blogger Laura said...

Spoiler alert:

from something i read, jin and sun both get off the island. not sure if that will be the case or not, and not sure at this point HOW that will happen, because right now, they aren't a big part of the story . .. .but its possible. (and i hope so, because i dont want sun to die!!!!)

At 6:06 PM, Blogger Anne said...

It's so funny with LOST, b/c, while I agree with Laura that I don't want either Jin or Sun to die (b/c it took them so long to get to this good place in their relationship!!), and they aren't a big part of the plot at this point, we know that the actions of even a seemingly negligible character can be huge on the show. And you make a good argument for Locke....on the other hand, he really doesn't want to leave, so I'm not sure what could persuade him to do it. Maybe Sawyer changes his mind b/c of Kate?

It could be that Kate goes back to the cop she married...although I was never clear on whether she just drugged him, or she killed him. I'm leaning toward only drugged, though, since she did care for him. Btw, the guy who played him was on a short-lived show called Firefly and in the movie Serenity, which if you haven't seen, I think you'd really like. Joss Whedon created it and the writing's fantastic!!

At 3:46 PM, Blogger Karisse said...

I'm loving your theories. Things I hadn't even thought of before! I'm VERY glad that you are addicted...but annoyed that you AND Laura will get to see tonights episode HOURS before me. DARN IT! :)

At 7:08 PM, Blogger Brina Bat said...

Hahahahaaaaa.... we get to see it before you... Mwwwhahaaaaaa!

I'm SO stoked - my very first LOST on TV with the rest of the world.


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