Wednesday, January 09, 2008

The Ghost of Christmas Past (Part 2)

This is an ornament Christin gave me ages ago in highschool.

And a little batty ornament.

Here are some more highlights of our wondrously nutty Christmas:

My Dad and I going incognito at Lowe's. (We did actually buy one of these buckets to put the live Christmas tree in.)

This is a doll that my Mom's Mom (Mimi) made for me long long ago. I can remember snuggling up to it on many a night. Mimi got sick and never was able to finish it. Poor kid had been partially bald for at least 15 year! She finally got the rest of her pretty blond yarn hair this Christmas!

Paul was a bit jealous so she said she would share - although she didn't really think blond was his color.

Ta Da! Isn't she cute?

Paul in his totally sweet Utilikilt. This was one of my big presents I got him. He didn't really say "I want a man-skirt for Christmas" he didn't even say that they were cool...but I thought they were pretty cool - Not to mention he's got some hunky-good looking legs and he can totally pull off a kilt with me hanging on his arm. (Just don't tell his Mom and Dad!) Go watch some of the Utilikilt Mockumercials - they are darn funny!

Here's my dad staring down Christmas super...

And here's his "Happy Plate."

And then there's the dog... in a pair of my clean underwear. Paul did it. They went directly into the dirty pile after this photo was taken.

My Dad at the Birmingham Museum of Art. We went to go see the Pompeii exhibit there. It was really spectacular. They had so much phenomenal jewelry and several walls of frescos. And then the plaster casts... very very eerie. But awesome! If you haven't seen it - I highly recommend going there. Its truly a once in a lifetime exhibit!

Here we begin the Alabama fried foods section:

This is the famous Mickey Mouse okra from Gibson's Bar-B-Que.

And then we have the Christmas ornament onion ring from Soul Burger.

Here you can see my Mom and Dad discussing the highlights of the Christmas ornament onion ring.

Look for both of these fantastic food icons on ebay very soon.

(Letterpress and New Years highlights coming soon to a post near you!)

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At 1:48 PM, Blogger Anne said...

I have to agree, Brina, Paul totally rocks the kilt!

Mmmmmmmm, fried okra! :)

At 2:35 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's a Meyer trait to have those well defined leggs and forearms.

At 11:56 AM, Blogger Laura said...

wow, i just don't even know what to comment on first. perhaps i will just say, GOD ONLY KNOWS what you will find to blog about after spending a few days at MY HOUSE!!! (please don't do anything weird with my underwear, or bring my husband a skirt.) ;)
The food photographs, I absolutely expect though. You wouldn't be YOU without a nice weird food photo. ;)


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