Saturday, January 26, 2008

Fell in a Hole

Still playing catch up here....Don't worry Laura - next step is the visit in JAX.

I happily fell into a hole a couple weekends ago taking a 10 hour trip in Tumbling Rock. Yes, you heard me right - 10 hours. What exactly did we do in TR for 10 hours you ask? A LOT! A speedy group of us went to visit and explore the rarely visited Wildcat Extension. Our original grand plan was to see the ext. take some photos and then go all the way back of TR to see the Teeth - but we didn't quiet make it that far. After we saw the extension (which was spectacular by the way - I highly recommend it!) and did some photo work we got all the way back to the asphalt ooze and then checked our time - realizing it'd be midnight before we got out. The "terrible tiger teeth" will have to wait for the next trip.

Jay C. followed us in to the elephants feet and then we went our separate ways. Enjoyed listening to a few historical tid-bits on the way in that I had not yet heard.

Jimmy took this photo of me sneaking a rock into Andrew's pack while we were waiting on Nathan and Andrew to come up a the rather sketchy climb. Andrew did find it - but first he hauled it around for a little while. (And I might add that Jimmy actually snuck a rock into my pack even before we went into the cave - he had it in a plastic bag and had written my name on it - so I couldn't even dump it in the cave when I did discover it! Sneaky sneaky.)

Nathan with the tools of the trade. He looks like he's got a ball of light in his hand here. Kinda cool. This was the single unblurred shot in about 15 or so photos. I'm hoping he'll post some of the photos he took on this trip soon. They're the nice ones!

I did the same for Andrew.

And then again for Jimmy. This pic is a bit of photoshoped work - merging two.



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