Thursday, December 06, 2007

Be amazed.

I don't like watching the news on TV. It always leaves me feeling empty, pissed-off and disgusted at humanity in general. I don't have any favorite shows that I have to watch anymore. I'll admit I used to - but now I'm on a TV hunger strike of sorts. For the past couple years an hour of TV every 2 months feels like too much. The TV rarely gets turned on by me, unless there's a Netflix envelope in my hand. And I really don't feel ill-informed because of it. Stupid people will continue to do stupid things even if I don't watch them doing it on prime-time. And good people will still do good things that aren't sensational enough to be "news-worthy." I catch the news on the radio at work or in the car about 85% of the time. I figure if I can use the time I'd spend watching the stupid people do the stupid things, to somehow improve or create something better in this the world - perhaps it will begin to even out the scales. I'm sure if something really important struck that I really needed to know - oh like Armageddon - a really well informed person who watches the news would be kind enough to let me know about it.

That being said there are a number of blogs I visit every day. I have friends that I've known for years whom I delight in seeing a small fraction of their lives. (Happy birthday Bryce!) Its no replacement for giving them a good hug and hearing their voices in person, but at least I feel like I'm keeping up with them. (Check out the "My friends On-line" section of links in the sidebar). And then there are strangers who's lives are so captivating I am in awe every time I'm privy to a new post. All of them - friend and stranger alike - remind me my little bubble of the world here is minuscule. It captivates my attention. Normal people are ploughing on through insurmountable hardships and doing amazing things every single day. That IS my daily news program.

Jennifer P. sent me a new favorite two days ago The Daily Coyote. So now I play with Charlie in Wyoming. Through that blog I found the author/photographer's other blog Vespa Vagabond so now I'm puttering across the US on a vespa. I've seen war though soldier's eyes in links off of Black Five. I go to Africa everyday with Lucky Beans and I travel 3191 miles every morning between Stephanie and Mav's houses and then buzz over to the west coast with Shim and Sons in the afternoon.

Make your own news today instead of just watching it. Be amazed at where it takes you.

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