Friday, November 09, 2007

Touching the Past

So I left off with Sunday morning at the Great Salt Petere Cave Preserve.

Andy had shown Jennifer and Angela some local petroglyphs Saturday afternoon and told us about it that evening. I really wanted to go see them. So Sunday morning before Angela and I took off for Alabama Andy took us over so I could view them.

Talk about touching the past. These petroglyphs are located on a little sandstone outcropping up the hill from a spring. Its wild to think how deep they must have been carved to have lasted this long in sandstone. They were simply fantastic.

Andy and Angela - patiently waiting while I took about 50 pictures...

Here's a close up of the book Andy was showing Angela and I - Rock Art of Kentucky. It that has a nice diagram of the Daugherty Bear Track petroglyph site.

This is the central "figure" of lines.

The circle to the left of the figure.

There's a bear paw print ont he left side - and an odd inverted "V" with another line to the right hand side. They aren't on the diagram, but I think they must be a part of the petroglyph too.

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Do you have cord. for it's location


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