Monday, November 19, 2007

Sondra's Birthday Cave

I have to laugh at our reminder note because if we had lost it and someone else had found it I'm sure they would have thought something kinky was going down in room 155.

Dave has been systematically combing karst areas in Huntsville for features and possible new caves every time comes into town from Atlanta to research at the NSS Office. Last weekend Dave invited Paul and I out for a little jaunt on Huntsville Mtn. He had found a few karst features while he was by himself that he thought were worth investigating later. So this time he brought some back up - Paul and I!

Paul pulling out some gear.

Dave gave me the honor of descending one particular karsty feature first - and as it turns out - its looking like it will just qualify. Dave read instruments & pulled tape, Paul helped with tape and I sketched the new little cave.

Dave in the entrance.

Me, sketching away....

Dave pulling tape.

Then we had to think of a name. Dropped Pencil Cave was a possibility - because I dropped a pencil and then Scorpion Cave was another because while I was sitting propped up on a ledge, a scorpion came out and decided to tell me I was disturbing him. I apologized and quickly got out of his way. I didn't even know there were scorpions in Alabama!!! (They are smaller and less poisonous - but just as spooky looking as their western cousins) And then I thought gee, I wonder if my Mom would like a cave named after her - since we found it on her November 11th birthday? So we landed on "Sondra's Birthday Cave" will be coming to an ACS near you!

Some pretty fall leaves during our ridgewalk.

A fantastic old cedar patiently rearranging rocks.

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At 7:38 PM, Blogger Laura said...

happy birthday miss sondra!!!! :)
i miss you beanie!!! happy thanksgiving!

At 8:34 PM, Anonymous Jennifer said...

That note is so funny!! Sounds like either something kinky or something involving the mafia.

At 10:58 PM, Blogger Brina Bat said...

Laura - Thanks bestest roomie! Happy Turkey Day to you too!

Jennifer - oooh! The mafia! Didn't think about that angle! Well part of my ancestry is direct from Sicily. And my Dad has actually told me that some were a part of the Mafia. So maybe we were going to make Dave "an offer he couldn't refuse."

At 12:20 PM, Anonymous Bo said...

THAT's a great note. I'm glad you preserved that for posterity.


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