Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Another Ode to Flagler Days

I just read Karisse's post on "An Ode to Flagler Days" - and I highly recommend it for everyone who went to Flagler with us - or is just curious.

I have to add to this batch of memories -

Chris, Joy and I adding our names to the fort a few months into our freshman year - when we discovered a patch of nice wet concrete on the wall next to the water. Last time I saw it you could still read "SSS" and "CS" but Joy carved very lightly - just in case her initials could be traced back to her...

On the food "decorations" that I'd leave for the kitchen crew - I am particularly found of the replica I made of the fort - bastions and all - out of leftover mashed potatoes. I wish I had taken a photo of it. It really was a piece of art.

Sneaking into the art building to work on design projects after 11 when it closed. (they had cameras installed after that semester) Sneaking around the basement and up to the 4th floor. Checking out the "mirror door" room - the room that the ghost of Flagler's wife was supposed to haunt.

Watching my first black and white print magically appear in the developer in the dark room from a photo I took myself. Sad to say they tore out the dark room when they redid the art building and studios - and have gone to all digital photography now. I think the students have really lost something there.

The story I left in Karisse's comments about the fire we had late one night.

Having a picnic, and doing cheerleading moves on the grassy hills by the fort with Karisse, Travis, Jerm, Laura, and a bunch of other folks one sunny fall day. I have some great photos from that day!

Visiting AM at Cousins (a sandwich shop on St. George Street), eating bagels at Schmagel's Bagels. Getting candy apples from Savannah Sweets, and cuban sandwiches and plantains from The Columbia.

Interning and later working at HUE Design.

Picking up packages from my folks from always cheerful Flagler mailman Terry, getting notes from friends and little treats in by little mailbox.

Helping with several archaeological digs around the city. There's something to be said for finding a piece of history that hasn't seen the light of day since the 1500s.

Watching my bestest roomie Laura throw herself down on her bed and roll around yelling " I have to get organized!" Catching wayward lizards in our room while she either ran away or went eewww. Listening to her complain about my stinky cheese that my folks would mail me. Coming up with plans for our door decoration and putting them together.

Good times.

When did I get to be such a boring grown up?

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At 11:55 AM, Blogger Laura said...


stop making me sappy and sentimental.


At 1:16 PM, Blogger Karisse said...

Hurrah! You thought of tons of stuff that i didn't think of! I love it! Oh and I commented on your comment regarding the book! :)

At 6:44 AM, Blogger Anne said...

Ok, I didn't even go to Flagler...heck, I was a terrible friend and never even came to visit you guys while you were there...but that even made me feel nostalgic!

And I seriously doubt that anyone will ever be able to qualify you as a "boring" grown up, B, so don't worry. :)

At 6:45 AM, Blogger Annamaria said...

Awww...Great Memories! -I remember going with you to the dark room to develop pictures...that really was SO COOL! I can't believe they got rid of it!

At 10:50 AM, Anonymous Jeremy said...

Swing dancing in all kinds of weird places and "never" dropping anyone...ever.

Nights of Lights.

Movies in the LGIA.

My first appartment with Travis that had mean neighbors down below.

Spending all day in the lab making powerpoint presentations.

Juice & Java.

Ice skating.

Throwing things up to Laura's window.

The way Travis drove around town in his red car with the music booming.

The Beach.

At 3:44 PM, Blogger Brina Bat said...

Oh yes! Thanks for adding Jerm!

The little scary movie theatre!! Holy cow I totally forgot about it - anyone know if its still there? And the roof collapsing...

Movie runs to the huge Orange Park AMC.

and swing Dancing... I never got really fancy - but it was fun when I dabbled!!


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