Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Lost in Translation

I dig using chopsticks. They're fun and handy - working your brain and fingers a bit more than a boring old fork. Paul and I even have travel chopsticks. We take them to our favorite sushi restaurant all the time. So both of us are well versed in chopstick usage. We ran to go buy groceries and stopped at China Sun for dinner (because every one knows its a bad idea to shop when you're hungry, right?) and had to use some throw aways this time because we were without our cool Snow Peak chopsticks.

I follow directions as much as the rest of the world. But I think somewhere along the line some bits got lost in translation here. I was a afraid to follow these directions at the table for fear of indecent exposure. Perhaps with a bit of practice at home? Next time I will try to uphold glonous Chinese history and use chcosticks the way they were apparently supposed to be used - by tuking them under my tnufnb.....um.....wherever that is.

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Thank You.


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