Thursday, October 25, 2007

Letterpress & Geocaching

Letterpress and Geocaching? Be still my heart! Paul found a geocoin for me today that is a printer's geocoin! Preston was pretty excited, so we took several photos of the coin with him and posted them on the geocaching website.

Triple S Letterpress by the way is the name I landed on for my "business" name. All of that is still very much in the planning stages. And I have to kind of laugh when I say business since there's no way I'm actually going to make any real money off of this - but I do have a sampling of cards for sale at Redstreake Gallery in Cowan, TN (Mrs. J. Redstreake Geary is a Superwoman! - and has poured her heart into her gallery - she does phenomenal art work and my cards are in good company). I have high hopes for a little Triple S Letterpress online store in the near future with original and retro letterpress designs.

Here's a few photo's of some birthday cards I worked on. This was the 1st run. I made the cards 3 color, meaning I ran the cards through the press three different times - 4 actually with the scoring to fold them. I slowly changed the ink color (yellow through dark purple) on press throughout the 1st run since there was so much ink coverage with 1-5/8" wooden letters. The second and third runs were with much smaller fonts and dingbats so I was only able to shift the colors a couple of times on both of those runs. Then the 8.5 x 11" sheets were cut in half to make two A-2 sized cards. And finally one more press run to score them with a matrix.

Here's a sneak peak at Brina Bat and Gray Bat's Travel Bug Hotel - which is where the geocoin will be placed tomorrow. If you're in Huntsville - and geocache at all I highly recommend visiting. Cachers are really enjoying it.

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