Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Midnight Tonight

Where will you be at Midnight tonight? Paul and I will be comfortably seated in a 440 capacity movie theatre not-so-patiently awaiting the first showing of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. When we get home from work it'll be dinner and a nap with several alarms set - just in case - and then we'll drive over to the theatre probably around 10 so we can stand in line for a couple hours and watch all the Harry Potter fanatics in all their garb. When I purchased the tickets yesterday the gal at the ticket counter told me that even though I'm purchasing these tickets - that it does not guarantee us a seat - nor does it guarantee the two of being able to sit together; translation - get there EARLY because they oversell the theatres and expect a massive crowd! So where will you be at Midnight tonight? Tucked into your cozy little nest of a bed - or out with a bunch of crazed Harry Potter Fans?

And then JKR's last book comes out on next week! Barnes and Noble really does it up right with games and prizes for the best costume and drawings and such. I am definitely going to order a butterbeer again if they have them - so I can sip while I wait in line. I'm even happier to be a part of the book craze, for when has one book become so important for young and old alike that fans would wait hours for the chance to know a character's fate? JK has surely done all of us a favor by captivating our collective brain with a delightfully woven tale of good vs. evil. And in this computer media driven age - her books have proven that there is nothing more powerful, more inspiring to the imagination, than the written word.

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At 8:46 PM, Blogger Laura said...

ARE YOU AWAKE!!!??? its almost 10pm!!!! eric just left to head to the theater too. i will be holding down the fort here at home with the toddler man. have fun tonight beanie!!! XOXO

At 2:51 AM, Anonymous Paul said...

Awesome movie! She drug me out to it and I even stayed awake. Very true to the original story. Now, will I stay awake at work today? Will three hours of sleep cut it for me?

At 8:44 AM, Blogger Brina Bat said...

It was WAY worth the wait to go see it at midnight. Excellent excellent movie. Much better than the last one and like Paul said it followed the book very well - except for some small details. Will probably go see it again in the theatre - it was that AWESOME!!!

At 8:34 PM, Anonymous Jennifer said...

I can't believe you guys went to a movie at midnight! I would have fallen asleep, even if it was the best movie ever! But I'm also an early bird, not a night owl. ;-) I'm planning to see it sometime this week, but not late at night! Glad to hear the movie was good, the book is so huge I didn't see how they could fit all the good stuff in. I just pre-ordered my book, it will be delivered next Saturday so I won't have to wait in line! But I may go to a pre-release party...

At 7:58 AM, Blogger Anne said...

I'm finally going to see the movie tonight, so am excited to hear that it is a good adaptation! I have re-read books 1-6 in anticipation of next week....I'm going to Orlando where my friend Sarah and I will wait in line for book7(!!!), then promptly hop in her car and drive to her mom's house in Melbourne, where we will barricade ourselves in for a reading marathon!

Oh, and Mary GrandPre (the illustrator of the American editions) lives in Sarasota...I called her yesterday and left a message. Cross your fingers for me that she calls back!!

At 12:05 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I saw the movie last weekend with my girlfriend, and i was a little disappointed, but that was probably because i was all the time comparing the book to the movie.

Maybe i would've enjoyed the movie more if i had focused on it as an independent work of art and not as an adaption of the book.


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