Friday, April 27, 2007

This Is Why I Love Caving!

Ever find yourself at dusk on a mountain side of poison ivy pulling on a full wetsuit, a harness and vertical gear and helmet with two friends to rappel into a small hole with fantastic waterfalls - only to pull down the rope that you came in on and use it on the next two drops ("full commitment" as Andrew reminded me when he handed me to rope to pull), finally popping out with the water inside the amazing double entrance of Stephen's Gap Cave?

This is why I love caving! Who else gets to do this crazy fun stuff!?

Jimmy, Andrew and I found ourselves in just such a situation on Wednesday evening. Had to squeeze in one last trip before Andrew moved back to Ohio and off to OCS. (Good Luck Andrew!) Thanks guys - awesome trip. And you were right Jimmy - I should have done this long ago...

Oh, and did I mention there was just a bit of water involved?

All the photos courtesy of Andrew's waterproof camera.



At 8:54 AM, Anonymous Jennifer said...

That last picture is great! Hey, now that you know the route you'll have to take me! I've never done that trip before! :-)


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