Thursday, April 05, 2007

Mammoth Cave Part 2

As promised continuing photos of our trip to Mammoth...

SATURDAY (con't)

Floyd's house
Floyd's outhouse!

This is a nice detail of the painted moon on the outhouse - love the texture and color of this photo.

The cave in Floyd's back yard - Crystal Cave

The Survey marker for the Cave

This is a small piece of the Blue Spring Branch section of the Mammoth Cave map drafted by Michael Sutton that the Cave Research Foundation had hanging up. Really really beautifully done - fantastic detail and the cross sections included several sections of the cave - which is just brilliant!

This is the entrance to Sand Cave - where Floyd was Trapped.

A view of the Green River - a lot of the water here comes out of Mammoth Cave and eventually flows into the Mississippi and then finally into the Gulf of Mexico. So during all those years of going to the beach in FL growing up - I was bathing in water from Mammoth Cave!

This was a cool little fern type undergrowth I noticed on the hike back out from the shores of the Green River.

The whole crew - Tommy, Paul Nathan, me, Andy, Roger, Michelle, Julie, Jennifer, Steve and then Randy hanging from the top of the sign.



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