Sunday, March 18, 2007

6 Odd Things About Me


The thumb on my left hand it double jointed. So I can bend it backwards, down in the direction of my wrist, which looks pretty freaky. I don't have anything else that's double jointed as far as I know, just my thumb.

2. Cans and Fake Sweets

I avoid drinking from aluminum cans, or eating anything with aspartame in it. Some time ago I heard a study about Alzheimer's patients having large concentrations of aluminum in their brains, possibly being one of the causes of their disease. I had a grandmother who was reduced to a completely different personality and finally silence just before she died - and it was all from Alzheimer's. I think it was the worst death a person could ever have - not knowing your family and dying utterly and mentally alone, in a prison of your own mind. I think it would be worse than drowning or being shot, or starving, or falling down a 400' pit. Way back when everyone used aluminum pots and pans, and ate off plates of aluminum etc, so its very easy to imagine how all that aluminum was absorbed. I avoid all aluminum cookware. And it has been proven that sodas can eat small amounts of aluminum from the inside of their cans - the longer they sit - the more they flake off. My friends in high school made fun of me because I wouldn't drink from cans. And some still do. I know, I know - call me paranoid - and it isn't completely proven- but I do avoid drinking an awful lot of soda also - which has its benefits too.

Aspartame - whenever I have tried it - make me feel hyper and squirrely. I get the jitters and can't calm down for hours. Its really weird. And as a side note aspartame has not really been completely ok'd in medical studies. Hence - I will NOT consume it in any form or fashion! You'd be surprised - but almost every chewing gum now contains aspartame.

So next time you pick up that can of diet soda - read these: Aspartame & Aluminum

3. Say NO to Cocoa

I don't like chocolate. So I refuse M&Ms, candy bars, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, etc. I do like white chocolate - which has no actual cocoa in it. There are a few exceptions to the rule: a. Thin Mint cookies - because they only taste minty, b. the interiors of 3 Musketeers bars, and c. Oreo cookies - but only dipped in milk.

I've gotten some pretty interesting reactions to my refusal of chocolate, among them are:
"Are you female?," "What are you, communist?" and "That's just un-American."

4. Sticky Feet

I don't like wearing shoes without socks. It drives me crazy! Sticky feet in tennis shoes are so icky. I will wear flip-flops since they are totally open and airy.

5. Good Clean Dirt

I enjoy the earthy smell of dirt and clay, (and caves of course.) I guess potting plants and cuttings at my grandfather's & father's nursery growing up sort of nurtured that.

6. Stabbed in the Back

The only recurring dream (nightmare) that I've ever had I kept having in grade school: I dreamt that I was in a huge warehouse full of row after row of boxes and crates (picture the last scene in Indian Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark), and I was running up and down the rows as fast as I could. The Incredible Hulk was chasing me and every time the dream ended I'd wake up with a start and a back spasm, knowing the Hulk had finally caught up with me because he'd just stabbed me in the back.

The Incredible Hulks supposed to be a good guy, right? Haven't had that that dream in years but there's an odd permanent kink in the middle of my back right where I'd always thought I'd been stabbed. If it gets pushed on it makes my whole back spasm, even if I push on it myself. The one and only time I tried having a massage a few years ago -the gal doing it, found "a huge knot" in my back and tried to work it out, every time she hit that goosey spot on my back - my back would spasm, until I finally had to tell her to stop trying to fix it. She told me that I should go see someone about it to get it worked out. I passed on the idea. And probably will never have a massage again. Darn that Incredible Hulk stabbing me in the back!

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At 7:51 PM, Blogger Laura said...

thank you for reminding me of some of your best quirks!!!! i could say, thank you for reminding me how ODD you are. . . .but really, just adorably quirky. (i am a little disappointed you didn't mention your love of extrememly stinky cheese that you didn't even keep refrigerated in college.) THAT i suppose is for another post. Miss you B XOXO

At 8:36 PM, Blogger Annamaria said...

What an incredible dream!


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