Monday, January 15, 2007

Party Girl

Over the course of the December Holidays I was a party girl and attended total of 8 parties...

I started off at the HCRU party at Kevin and Shela's,

Went on to a surprise B-Day party for Steve the same weekend,

Then there was a party at David and Machelle's (this is their cool log role from Fresh Market),

And then Ethan's going away party at Tai Pan Palace - where were were quite randomly serenaded by the barber shop group at the next table that happens to end each meeting in song.

There was a lunch party for my work - yep - this is BW!

After that the Huntsville Grotto had a party at the NSS office - I melded 3 pics for a nice panorama of all of us stuffing our faces with goodies before we opened the dirty Santa presents,

And here's my Mom and I at a little dinner party my Mom, Dad, Paul & I gave at the newly remodeled house (will post more remodeling photos soon!),

And finally - here's all the girls at Joy's party in Florida.

I had such a wonderful Christmas this year. It really was quite fun, just wish it would have been longer, and maybe with a few more parties. There are a few people I missed seeing very much - you know who you are - but I hope your Christmas was just as bright and with any luck I'll see you sooner than you know it.


At 11:14 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh so so cute!!!! i am so jealous!! i didn't go to a single party this holiday season - so sad!!!! (well we did have dinner at AM's house and opened gifts. . . i guess that can count!) What fun you had!!! Wish I could have partied with you, you cute thing!!! Oh, and I LOVE the christmas stick!!! so funny! XOXO

At 1:00 PM, Blogger Annamaria said...

Those are great pics! Hey, can i get copies (in the form of an e-mail or something) of the Joy X-mas party pics...not sure where my camera was that night, but I don't have a single picture!!! :(


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