Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Sunday a group of us got together at the NSS to go do Valhalla. JR was kind enough to set up the whole trip and bring some mulch - at the request of the SCCi for the rigging area. We used his brand new rope and also Jimmy's, so we had two ropes and six attendees.Valhalla is truely a sight to see; its an open air, 230' pit that bells out to over an acre on the bottom and also has plenty of cave to explore. Andrew, who was the only one who'd been anwhere in the cave other than the pit, lead us back to the 200' Mega Dome through some pretty fun cave.

J.R. rigging his new rope

From left to right - me, Fred, J. R. Derek, Andrew and Jimmy in the bottom of Valhalla

How far down we traveled - and how much we had to climb to get back out - 230'

These were some pretty cool holes in the mud formed from water droplets falling 200' from the ceiling in the Mega Dome.

Looking down to Fred, Derek and Andrew in the main pit.

Just before the climb looking out of Valhalla- you can see the ropes on the right side of the frame.



At 11:47 PM, Anonymous andrew said...

awesome pics... that was a good trip, with a good group of people. We'll have to do more sunday trips like that...

At 8:53 PM, Anonymous fred said...

nice report with great pics...glad someone remembered their camera...


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