Friday, June 23, 2006

List #1: Happy Intangibles

Here are some things I like - just general everyday things - experiences - feelings - smells that make me feel warm and fuzzy, excited, at peace or just plain happy inside. None of these things can be bought sold or traded and none of them can be kept for any length of time, that's what makes them so great - they are only and all experienced.

1. Smell of baking bread
2. Smell of good clean soil
3. Cave smell
4. Dirty, tired hands from working outside or in the garden all day
5. A bath with a book and an hour to enjoy it - not a fast shower
6. Surveying Fern
7. The caving "piddle factor"
8. Going to a cave I've never been to (I'll be excited for many years to come with the amount that I stil have to see!)
9. Climbing Rope
10. Watching the birds and squirrels at the feeder outside my office window.
11. My dog being cute - I don't own her, she owns me.
12. Cooking with Paul
13. Baking B-day cakes for my fellow co-workers.
14. The funny conversations you have when your caving (that eventually turn into - where are we going to eat?)
15. Watching your very own vegetables grow
16. The bare trees on the mountains turning bright green in a matter of two days at the beginning of spring
17. Salt air from the seaside
18. The full moon through a telescope
19. Moon shadows
20. Being almost done with a really good book
21. Watering plants
22. A hand written letter
23. Surprise packages in the mail (sent or received)
24. Going to a flea market with my Dad
25. Listening to old family stories
26. Being home at Christmas
27. Making lists
28. Crossing things off lists
29. The completion of a long project
30. Old car smell
31. The smell of leather
32. Seeing my Mom and her two sister get together (they are hysterical together!)
33. The feeling you get on the top of a hill on a rollercoaster
34. Love
35. The perfect, cloudless, no humidity, blue sky day in October that just begs you to play hookie from work
36. Ancestry Research
37. The smell of rain
38. The downburst just before a storm where you can feel the excitement of a storm and makes you hurry inside
39. Open windows
40. Light that streams through north facing windows - because its the best natural light for any artist
41. Stacking all the bags of Recycling from work (we don't recycle at work, so I decided to take it home and turn it in) and home on the curb every Tuesday - because that's a few cubic feet that won't become landfill
42. Talking about travel
43. Traveling
44. Learning something new
45. Picking up useless knowledge and sharing it
46. Watching plants grow
47. Swimming
48. Dancing
49. Resting in a hammock
50. The feel and smell of a new book
51. A good hearty laugh
52. Getting off work Friday afternoon and having the whole weekend ahead of you (like an hour from now!!)

I'm sure there are many many more I can name, but these are the ones that were floating around in my head right now.


At 10:21 PM, Blogger Karisse said...

I just saw your old room at Flagler...and guess what...they are sealing off the entrance from your room to the bathroom...making it only accessible by the 5 girls next door...and building you a NEW bathroom out into the hallway where the soda machines were. CRAZY!

At 3:05 PM, Blogger Laura said...

happy intangibles. . .sharing a room with sabrina in the dorm. UNhappy intangibles. . .thinking about that nasty bathroom that we shared with 5 other girls. whoever lucky little girls move into room 180 just won't know how goooood they have it!!!


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