Thursday, June 29, 2006

Blast From the Past #20

So this isn't really a blast from my past - but it is from the Huntsville Grotto's past. The Huntsville Grotto has been in existence now for 50 years as of 2005. We finally got around to having a celebration for the grotto this past Saturday. Jennifer brought a case full of old cartoons and photos from years past that get handed down from one newsletter editor to the next (I have a sinking feeling I'll get to peruse it next year once I finally give up my three-year membership post). There was one cartoon in particular that I just think is hysterical in its own little old-fashioned thinking and the style of the artwork is fantastic. Its a paste-up, so I had to take a few photos of it so you could get the whole picture without a glare.



At 9:20 PM, Anonymous Jennifer said...

Ha! I'll scan the original for you this weekend, that one is classic. I'll also scan the one of the crawfish pinching the woman's butt. One of these days if I ever have time I want to scan some of the old newsletter covers from the 1970s, some of those are really really funny.


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