Wednesday, May 03, 2006

You are from/know/live in Huntsville, AL if...

Got this from a friend of mine this morning. Its so cute I thought I needed to share it.

1. You're thinking of just buying a pollen-colored car.
2. You don't care HOW they do it up north.
3. Your garage holds two John Deere tractors and a fledgling electronics company.
4. You can give directions to anywhere within city limits using only Taco Bells as landmarks.
5. You don't think Lily Flagg is an Easter banner....let alone, a cow.
6. You know there's no longer an airport on Airport Road....and you used to go to the County Fair where Madison Square Mall is now standing.
7. Your favorite comeback is, "As a matter of fact, I am a rocket scientist."
8. The bugs in your computer are boll weevils.
9. You're unable to make out a grocery list unless it contains (1) Mission, (2) Goals, (3) Milestones and (4) Deliverables.
10. You know that there is a world of difference between "the mall"
and "THE MALL....and the Heart of Huntsville isn't another name for downtown.
11. Your dinner parties have caviar and a grits bar on the same table.
12. You wrote in "Dilbert" on the '96 presidential ballot.
13. You've gone to the grocery when a "big storm" was coming only to find everyone has bought all of the milk and bread.
14. 'Merging' is no more than a computer program.
15. You have ever got a ticket for doing 41 in a 40 mph zone.
16. You've actually met a redneck engineer.
17. You're convinced that turn signals are an option when buying a car.
18. That cotton field you passed last week is now a new subdivision with homes "FROM" the $180K.
19. You are a weather expert on Doppler Weather Radar, Armor, and Storm Force, hook echoes and mezocyclones...just from watching all the TV coverage of the weather.
20. You get excited when they announce that Big Spring Jam has actually booked a band that has had a hit within the last 10 years and the band does not play country.
21. You consider an on-ramp to Memorial Parkway a nice place to park until the traffic thins out.
22. You drop an ice cube tray on the kitchen floor, and your kids want to take two snow days off from school....and it's approved by the school board.
23. You use your gun scope to check out the new comet.
24. Your kid's first field trip is to Cook's Pest Control, Krispy Kreme Doughnut Co. and any McDonalds.
25. You know Huntsville International Airport was once called The Jetplex.
26. You learned to count backwards and thought "lift off" was the last number.
27.You're afraid to like a restaurant too much because if you do it will close.


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