Sunday, May 28, 2006

Decatur's Alabama Jubilee

This weekend was the 29th annunal Decatur Alabama Jubilee - they have bands palying all weekend and an arts and crafts show, and food and rides, but the coolest thing is the hot air balloons. They have races Saturday and Sunday morning and then they have what they call the "balloon glow" at dusk each evening. This was the first time I'd ever seen a hot air ballon up-close and personal. And at night - they're absolutely beautiful! The cool thing is - you can walk in and amongst the balloons, right up to the pilots and talk to them, ask them questions and take LOTS of pictures. It was great watching 30 of them inflate as the sun set. Next year I hope I can go watch them take off at surise. And be sure to check out the video (thanks to Photobucket!) of the "Balloon Glow!"


At 10:03 AM, Blogger Laura said...

WOW Sabrina!!! That is VERY cool. Love the video. Looked like a BLAST!!!!! You do the MOST fun things! Miss you!

At 10:09 PM, Anonymous T said...

Neat. Aren't they awesome, quiet and beautiful. Every year there is probably the biggest balloon meet in the world at Albuquerque MN. It is on the 1st week in October and goes from the 1st WE thru the 2nd WE. Last year I was on my way back from one of my forays in OKC and happened to stay in Albuquerque one of those weekends. I was totally unaware of the event, so imagine my surprise when I left the Motel to see dozens of multi-colored and wierd shaped balloons filling the sky. Spent several hours watchng the flights, launches and recoveries. Will definately go back sometime. Also visited the Hot Air Balloon Museum. Checkout their Web Sites. I willtry and find a Photo or two and send them to you.


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