Sunday, April 02, 2006

Catch up #4 - Craig's Well Glove Extraction Team

Today Michelle, Tommy, Randy, Paul and I went to Craig's Well (a hundred-footer) up on Monte Sano to retrieve Gary's glove. He'd dropped it when he was climbing out in January and we'd already derigged by the time he realized it. He wrote a really funny article in the Grotto newsletter from the perspective of the other glove that if someone did the pit to please pick it up for him. So we did.

Paul, Randy, Tommy and Michelle getting ready to hike down to Craig's Well.

Michelle suiting up for the drop.

Paul at the entrance to the pit.

Randy, myself and Tommy at the bottom of Craig's Well.

Randy foggin' up at the top of the lip.

A successful glove recovery (no matter how disgusting Tommy thinks it is)



At 9:04 AM, Blogger Laura said...

Hello Glove! It is nice to finally meet you. I hope Sabrina and crew gave you a nice warm bath and something good to eat after your long stay in the bottom of the cold dark cave.


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