Sunday, March 05, 2006

Lewis and Clark's Town

Have been here in St. Louis for the past three days, Paul and I will be traveling home to Huntsville tomorrow - perhaps do a bit of sight seeing along the way. We visited a little museum yesterday where they hand built a replica of one of Lewis and Clark's ships they used on the Missouri River, and they take it out on the river. We saw it dry docked, but it was still pretty cool. And then today we went to an old rock quary that Paul's brother has helped convert to trails. We climbed up to an awesome overlook with the Missouri River from below. I took a series of photos - 360 degrees at the top top see if I can do a panorama.

We sampled some wine at a local winery (we swallowed - no swishing and spitting in a bucket). I discovered ice wine - a dessert wine - extrememly sweet and really very good. Those of you who are true wine drinkers will laugh and say - a true wine drinker only drinks dry wines. Well you can keep them; I don't claim to be an expert. The grapes in ice wine are left on the vine till the first frost, so the grapes have the highest sugar content they can have, thus producing a very sweet sipping dessert wine, which is right up my alley. So if you're not a wine drinker my "expert" advice is to try some ice wine!

I've got lots of fun pictures to share. Will post them probably by Wednesday.


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