Monday, March 06, 2006

Chili Party

WARNING: The beginning of this post will either make you hungry or quite ill.

One of the highlights of the St. Louis trip and indeed the reason for going to Missouri was the Chili Party on Saturday night. Originally established by Paul's brother Glenn and his wife Karen, it was just a small get together with their bike club friends, but now its grown to include about 300+ people and showcase many different flavors (burn you a new one hot - to mild) and varieties of chili: white chicken chili, beef, turkey, vegetarian and with all different types of ingredients. I think Karen made about 8 kinds herself and then more people bring chili's and then salads and desserts too. Its a huge spread. Here are a few of the different chili's that I sampled...

Geocaching at Daniel Boone's Judgment Tree on Sunday

We ate lunch on Sunday at a fun little place in Augusta that had a plane in the dining room. Here are Glenn and Karen and then Paul by the plane.

Glenn and Karen took Gary Paul and I on a few short hikes on Sunday to see the trails Glenn had helped build, and in turn Gary Paul and I showed them a few geocaches. One of the parks was a place called Klondike Park, which used to be an old quary. This park is really a beautiful place! With great trails to hike and cute little primitive cabins that you can rent - and some awesome views around the rolling hills and to the Missouri River below. On the trail I found some pottery shards, a piece of a leather shoe and finally the old sole, probably left from some long forgotten trash heap. Karen found a cool old glass bottle too.

The old sole I found


At 7:34 AM, Blogger Kelli said...

I just learned about geocaching this past weekend! It's the coolest thing ever! I am so trying it when I get home!!


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