Saturday, February 11, 2006

Let it snow!

I was really bummed last night that we didn't get the snow that everyone was prepared for. Milk and bread always zip off the shelves at an amazing rate here when there's a winter weather warning. Up until a few years ago the city didn't even own a snowplough or a salter. I guess a true snow fall that sticks only occurs about every 20 years here in Huntsville... and being a Florida girl I was kind of excited to get to see some in a town that I actually live in.

So Paul and I were driving north on the Parkway around 3pm today - and all of a sudden - there it was - SNOW! Of course it melted as soon as it hit the windshield but it was definitely swirling and foofing in little patches across the lanes of the overpasses. It didn't stick at all, so I couldn't make the tiny snowman I was planning on making. But it was still nice to see something other than rain fall from the sky for a change. Maybe we'll get some tonight!!


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